POO Guard Dog Poo Anti-Bacterial Spray 50ml / 300ml

Size?: 300ml
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POO Guard Dog Poo Anti-Bacterial Spray 50ml / 300ml

When we pick up dog poo, we leave millions of viruses on the ground. However careful we are, it’s unavoidable. So, spray that spot with POO Guard and help to avoid transfer to us or to other dogs.

It’s highly effective in so many areas…

In hundreds of locations, POO Guard can be used to quickly kill millions of bacteria and viruses left on the ground after dog poo has been picked up. A quick spray of POO Guard stoops them leading to infection – protecting us and our dogs.

After poo has been picked up, spray the spot on the ground where the poo was. it's this simple. PooGuard kills millions of bacteria and viruses that are left behind. The foam temporarily marks the spot where PooGuard is active so that it can be avoided, plus the repellent reduces cross-infection by discouraging your dog and others from ingesting nasty leftovers. Use indoors and out - also effective for wiping down surfaces after vomit, stopping cross-infection in its tracks.

A single spray protects us and our dogs from cross-infection including
Salmonella and many others

Protects in 3 ways
Kills bacteria & viruses (including Parvovirus) left on the ground after picking up dog poo
Foaming action visually marks the spot for a few moments so you can avoid it whilst it gets to work
Repels other dogs, keeping them safe from cross -infection


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