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Showing 1 - 23 of 23 products
K2 Yak Chews Long Lasting Natural Dog Treats X-LargeK2 Yak Chews Long Lasting Natural Dog Treats X-Large
Yakers Natural Himalayan Yak Milk Dog Chew X-Large
Yakers Dog Chews Medium Strawberry & Apple Value Pack
Yakers Natural Himalayan Yak Milk Dog Chew Mint Flavour X-Large
Yakers Dog Chews Medium Mint & Turmeric Value Pack
Yak Chews Highly Smoked BULK BAGS 1kg/5kgYak Chews Highly Smoked BULK BAGS 1kg/5kg

Yak Chews

These natural and delicious treats are made from the milk of the wild yak, which makes them the perfect chew treat for dogs of any size. In addition to providing your dog with a long-lasting chew, Yak Chews are also a great source of protein and minerals. At Real Pet Store, we carry a variety of Yak Chews that will satisfy your pup's cravings.

Yak Chews - Tough and Longer Lasting Chewers

Yak chews are the perfect option for any size dog who likes a longer-lasting treat. These chews are made of skimmed yak and cow milk, as well as lime juice and salt, to provide a durable chew. They are good for dogs with tough chewing habits. Dogs usually love yak chews, as they're compressed and smoked for 28 days before being created. When shopping for yak chews, our yak chews contain only natural ingredients, and these are safe and long-lasting for your dog. using natural ingredients such as yak and cow milk, not only will your pup enjoy a wonderful chewing experience, but they will also get high-quality proteins and essential nutrients. In addition to keeping your pet entertained, these chews can also help promote better dental hygiene as their abrasive surfaces reduce plaque build-up and freshen breath. The chews are safe and healthy for your pup, and they are extremely durable, so they last a very long time. Try our selection of yak chews at Real Pet Store it will keep your pet engaged for hours on end!

Why it is Natural Dog Treats

If you're on the hunt for a chew for your four-legged pal, we have the perfect product for you. Yak chews are 100% all-natural, made from yak milk! In contrast with the additives and preservatives in most store-bought pet treats, yak chews are additive- and preservative-free, and higher in protein, so your pup will benefit from their nutritious qualities. Beyond that, they are a source of nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, which contribute to strong, healthy bones and teeth. As these are all-natural ingredients, you can expect yak chews to have many nutrients. Unlike some other chew treats, yak chews last for a long time and are incredibly tough so that your pup can chew on them with no worry. Compared to other sweet snacks, these contain no added sugar or salt, so they won't stick to your fingers as much. So if you’re looking for a healthy and long-lasting chew treat for your pup, check out yak chews at Real Pet Store! You and your pup will love the all-natural ingredients and the long-lasting satisfaction that comes with each treat.

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