Beaphar Home Flea Fumigator Bomb

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Beaphar Home Flea Fumigator Bomb

The Beaphar Flea Fumigator is ideal for use anywhere in your home. The insecticide provides a rapid killing effect of adult fleas, flying insects, bedbugs, ants and cockroaches.

The fumigator produces tiny droplets, which allows the active ingredient to reach deep into carpets, skirting boards and cracks in floors, helping to eradicate pests from even hard to reach places.

For best results, fumigate late afternoon and leave the house or building for a minimum period of two hours.

Rate of application...
Fleas and carpet moths: 1 Beaphar Flea Fumigator per 30m³
Flying insects: 1 Beaphar Flea Fumigator per 120m³
Bedbugs, ants and cockroaches: 1 Beaphar Flea Fumigator per 7.5m³

Heavy infestations may require more than one Beaphar Flea Fumigator.


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