Zeus H2EAU Dog Drinking Fountain 6L

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Zeus H2EAU Dog Drinking Fountain 6L

The Zeus Cascade Drinking Fountain provides your dog with a clean source of continuously flowing clean water 24/7, which naturally stimulates them to drink more. With its large 6L reservoir and elevated drinking surface, this fountain is perfect for medium and large dogs, as well as older dogs who may suffer from muscle or joint problems. The fountain has 2 water flow settings, Gentle flow for calm and steady water, and Bubbling top (by inserting the provided accessory) for a more dynamic fashion, which both allow for great oxygenation and fresher drinking water.

Thanks to the continuous flow and triple action filtration, only clean water is pushed to the top and made available to your dog, and the handy LED backlit water level indicator lets you know when it's time to refill. For dogs that are up and about at night, the LED night light will let them easily find their water fountain. With its quiet, low voltage pump, this fountain is designed to be an unintrusive addition to your living space.

Fountain holds 6L (200 fl oz)

Replacement filters sold separately, available here

  • Drinking fountain with elevated surface
  • Allows for fresh, clean water
  • Large 6L reservoir ideal for medium and large dogs
  • Encourages dogs to drink more and stay hydrated
  • LED water indicator allows your dog to drink at night
  • Triple action filters allow for fountain’s circulating water to be filtered three ways
  • 2 different water flow settings


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