Zeus Fresh & Clear Dog Drinking Fountain with Splash Guard 1.5L

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Zeus Fresh & Clear Dog Drinking Fountain with Splash Guard 1.5L

The Zeus Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain presents your dog with an ever-flowing stream of fresh, clean water, enticing them to drink more and stay hydrated. The drinking fountain has a raised drinking surface at a comfortable height for small to medium-sized dogs, and a translucent reservoir that enables you to check the water level at a glance.

In addition to its handy translucent reservoir, this Zeus Fresh & Clear drinking fountain offers a splash guard that is simply indispensable if you have a dog with a sloppy drinking style. The fountain provides your dog with an ergonomically raised drinking surface and includes a filter to continuously purify your canine friend’s drinking water.

Fountain holds 1.5L (50 fl oz)

Replacement filters sold separately, available here

  • Drinking fountain with waterfall spout
  • Allows for fresh, clean water
  • Great for messy drinkers
  • Encourages dogs to drink more and stay hydrated
  • Translucent reservoir enables quick water level checks
  • Triple action filters allow for fountain’s circulating water to be filtered three ways


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