Zeus Better Bones Chicken Small Bones Pack of 10

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Zeus Better Bones Chicken Small Bones Pack of 10

Zeus Better Bones is a new soft dog treat range made with real chicken, no-added salt and easy digestible ingredients that are rawhide-free which provides a healthy alternative for dogs. Combining irresistible, mouth-watering flavours with chewy goodness, these dog treats provide hours of fun while satisfying your dog’s natural chewing instinct and promoting good oral hygiene.

The Better Bones range provides three varieties of treats; Small Bones, Chicken Wrapped Bones and Chicken Wrapped Twists because no two dogs are the same; no matter their size or breed. Each variety is offered in the same four mouth-watering flavours of Chicken Rosemary & Thyme, Duck & Cranberry, Lamb & Mint and Almond so dogs will get a good taste of meat while never getting bored of the flavours.

Why do dogs chew?
A completely natural behaviour, dogs chew for several reasons. Puppies may chew for relief from teething or simply to explore their new surroundings. For more mature dogs, chewing helps keep their teeth clean and strengthen their jaws. Chewing also helps alleviate boredom and stress or frustration. In order to satisfy this natural chewing instinct, it is important to offer treats that are easy to digest, and which help to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Traditionally, some dog treats are made with rawhide which can lead to potential choking and digestive problems; Better Bones from Zeus provide a healthy alternative.

Feeding Guide:
Intended for intermittent feeding only. Feed 1 to 2 per day, as a reward or treat. Feed under supervision. Provide your pet with fresh water daily.

Rawhide free
Healthy alternative
Easy to digest
Help maintain healthy teeth and gums
Suitable for dogs of all ages
Safe to chew


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