Webbox Tasty Sticks Cat Treats Beef & Rabbit

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Webbox Tasty Sticks Cat Treats

Webbox Cats Delight Cat Sticks are a complementary pet food for cats/kittens. Perfect to feed at any time as a tasty, chewable snack or treat. Gently cooked to produce a delicious, moist, meaty treat, your cat/kitten will adore Webbox Cats Delight cat sticks!

Each treat stick is individually wrapped for freshness – to open, simply tear open from the top of the pack.

Available in the following pack sizes...
Single pack (6 sticks)
Pack of two (12 sticks)
Pack of four (24 sticks)
Pack of eight (48 sticks)

Each packet contains 6 sticks - 30g total
Containing 95% delicious fresh meat
Individually wrapped for freshness
Suitable for adult cats and kittens


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