Orbiloc Dog Dual Safety Light Carabiner Accessory

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Orbiloc Dog Dual Safety Light Carabiner Accessory

The Orbiloc Carabiner allows a quick and secure attachment to any strap, backpack or apparel.

The Orbiloc Carabiner is made of high quality lightweight metal and the Orbiloc Carabiner Mount is made in hard plastic material. 

The Orbiloc Carabiner consists of two parts, the Orbiloc Carabiner Mount, and the Orbiloc Carabiner

The Orbiloc Carabiner is also recommended for use on the collar of larger dogs – as the Orbiloc Carabiner ensures the Orbiloc Safety Light does not disappear into the fur of larger dogs.

Please note we do not recommend using the Orbiloc Carabiner to attached the Orbiloc Safety Light directly on the collar of smaller dogs, as this could potentially bump and bruise the chest of the dog.

The Orbiloc Carabiner is included with the Orbiloc Outdoor Dual.

Orbiloc Carabiner
Orbiloc Carabiner Mount


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