Mr Johnson’s Advance Guinea Pig Food 1.5kg

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Mr Johnson’s Advance Guinea Pig Food 1.5kg

Mr Johnson’s Advance GUINEA PIG FOOD is a complementary food suitable for all guinea pigs.

This nutritious & wholesome tasty nugget – supplies guinea pigs with a fibrous mono-component food that prevents selective feeding.Feeding the correct diet to your guinea pig is essential for maintaining good health.

Guinea pigs need a daily source of vitamin C in their diet as they cannot produce or store it. They also need high fibre levels in their diet to assist normal digestive function and aid essential dental wear.

Advance Guinea Pig Food should be fed together with unlimited access to good quality hay which is an important source of fibre and an essential part of your guinea pigs diet. A small quantity of suitable fresh fruit & vegetables should also be fed daily and fresh clean water must always be available.

Contains essential fibre to aid digestive transit and dental wear
With Vitamin C
Contains  Verm-X® 100% natural herb blend that controls intestinal hygiene
Natural pre-biotic for a healthy gut flora – Bio-Mos
De-odorase containing yucca extract which improves hutch odours by reducing urinal ammonia
With glucosamine for joint health and mobility
No added colourings, flavourings or preservatives
Mono-component nugget prevents selective feeding


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