Lazy Bones Open Top Antique Parrot Bird Cage with Stand

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Lazy Bones Open Top Antique Parrot Bird Cage with Stand

Lazy Bones open top parrot cage in antique black with marble white base, including stand with castor wheels.

Design includes an open top to give your bird with wooden bar allowing your bird to venture out of its cage vertically.
Slide out tray for easy cleaning and includes a grill to keep your birds feet off of their own mess - also includes under storage rack for food & other supplies.

Medium sized parrot cage suitable for birds including senegals, conures, cockatiels & other similar birds.

Includes 2 wooden perches, 3 cups, stand, bottom basket, wheels, & pull out tray.

Dimensions (approx.)
Overall size: 57 x 44 x 147cm (L x W x H)
Cage height without stand: 84cm
Bar spacing: 1.2cm - 1.5cm

Antique black medium sized parrot cage
Includes open top with perch
Stand with castor wheels for easy positioning
Slide out tray with grill for easy cleaning


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