I'm Wired Catnip Dried Leaves & Buds Mixture

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I'm Wired Canadian Catnip Dried Leaf & Bud Mixture

'I'm Wired' Catnip is sourced specially from a Canadian Catnip farm and is some of the most potent available.

A premium dried leaf and bud mixture, perfect for re-filling Cat nip toys, sprinkling on cat scratchers or simply spreading on the floor for your cat to roll about in, rub, drool & lick as they please (you wont be able to stop them!).

Premium Canadian Catnip - dried leaf & bud mixture
Ideal for filling Catnip toys or sprinkling on scratchers & other surfaces
Supplied in a re-sealable bag for ease of use
Trial size available for checking if your cat reacts to Catnip

What is Catnip?
Catnip is a perennial herb from the mint family labiatae. The term ‘catnip’ is thought to originate from the response cats show towards the plant. It is the nepetalcataria variety that most cats enjoy.

What happens when my cat has Catnip?
The active ingredient nepetalactone, is an essential oil which alters the behaviour of domestic and other cat species. Around half to two thirds of cats will respond to this oil. Kittens may not react and only develop the full behavioural change at an older age.
A typical response includes sniffing, chewing, licking, head shaking, followed by chin, cheek, and body rubbing.
Additional responses may include stretching, drooling, jumping, licking, aggression, and hyperactivity. The so called "high" will usually last between five and ten minutes.


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