Doodlebone Originals Dog Harness Sunshine 4 Sizes

Size?: 5-8
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Doodlebone Originals Dog Harness Sunshine 4 Sizes

The Doodlebone® Originals Dog Harness is a no-fuss harness designed to take the strain away from your dog’s neck if they get too excited and pull on the lead. Basically, it gives you more control than just a collar and lead and can be comfier for your dog.

Strong and adjustable
This harness is a bold, chunky and tough chap! It’s made from strong Polyester webbing, to match our collars and flat leads, with reinforced stitching to give you long-lasting use.

The straps are fully adjustable and the ring fittings chromed metal for extra strength and cool style.

Size matters
There are four sizes available, so covering most doggie proportions. In fact, we’ve spent hundreds of hours sizing up dogs of all varieties to develop our new sizing system for the Originals range (you can imagine the fun we had!) to ensure the closest fit first time when you purchase.

Colourful and practical
As well as developing our sizing system, we’ve been busy in the design studio beefing up our colour range. There are now 11 smart colours & patterns to choose from. Another feature – if your dog likes a bit of a muddy wallow from time to time, rest assured a quick 30-degree wash in the machine should get the muck off nicely.

Stops dogs pulling when on walks
Double stitched nylon for extra strength
Fully adjustable for extra comfort
Machine washable at 30°
Four sizes to fit most dogs
Lifetime guarantee

Size Guide


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