Doodlebone Faux Fur Dog Blanket Slate/Teal

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Doodlebone Faux Fur Dog Blanket Slate/Teal

Dogs love blankets. It's natural. They like to feel comfortable, warm and safe and because they're den animals, they instinctively enjoy relaxing in small, cosy places. That's why you can almost see the smile on a dog's face when they're given one of our gorgeous, cloud-soft doggie blankets.

It's super soft and silky to the touch, and because it's made from polyester it is also extremely tough, warm, hard wearing as well as fully washable. That's what we call a winning combination, and so do the dogs who love sleeping under them. It even comes with a lifetime guarantee, not bad if we say so ourselves.

Polyester mimics natural materials like fleece, cotton, and silk. It's incredibly versatile, one of the most widely-used fabrics on the planet. It's used to fill doggie beds, make rope, manufacture mouse pads and a whole lot more. But as a dog blanket fabric it's best known for its ultra-softness, strength and durability, and its ability to ward off shrinking, wrinkles and stains. As you can imagine, it's ever so easy to keep clean. There's nothing quite so cute as seeing your dog, all curled up and snoozy, under their very own luxury blanket. Best of luck with battling the inevitable blanket envy – you'll probably want one for yourself as well!

Super-soft cosy dog blanket
Tough – made from polyester
Size: 1m x 1.5m
Two colours - reversable
Machine washable


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