Coachi Whizzclick Clicker & Whistle 2 Colours

Colour?: Navy
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Coachi Whizzclick Clicker & Whistle 2 Colours

The Coachi Whizzclick is a great training accessory that combines two of our most popular dog training tools; a clicker and a whistle, making it an essential training product.

Recall training
Whistles are great for recall training as they help to standardise commands and are a useful tool for all the family to use.

Distance control
Using a whistle allows you to have control over a greater distance and enables distance commands, such as 'sit'.

Clicker training
The Coachi Whizzclick clicker, has a very clear sound, it's easy and comfortable to press and use. The whistle produces a single tone that travels well in open spaces.

Adjustable lanyard
The Whizzclick lanyard is suitable for either neck or wrist use, it is fully adjustable so you can secure at the desired length and it's reflective too!


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