Coachi Training Dummy Dog Toy 3 Sizes

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Coachi Training Dummy Dog Toy 3 Sizes

The Coachi Training Dummy is a classic padded style toy, which is great for softer mouthed dogs. It's suited to all types of retrieval training, including gun dog training and it's perfect for puppy training too!

Available in 3 sizes... (length)
Small (dark blue) - 18cm (7")
Medium (yellow) - 22cm (8.75")
Large (light blue) - 26cm (10.25")

The Training Dumbbell is very buoyant and floats in water, making it easy to see and retrieve, great for water loving dogs who love to play!

The Coachi Training Dumbbell is perfect for all dog retrieval practice, the classic design and weight make it a great addition to your dogs toy collection!

Long distance throwing
The additional rope, makes it easier to throw and helps achieve extra long distance, great for practicing those long distance retrieves!

Perfect for everyday play
It is great to use for all dog and puppy training, exercise and play. Available in small, medium and large.


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