Catit Voyageur Cat & Small Dog Carriers Turqupise 2 Sizes

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Catit Voyageur Cat & Small Dog Carriers

The Catit Cat Carrier is the ideal solution for your pet transportation needs. Durable, sturdy and safe, the Catit Cat Carrier is perfect for transporting your pet by car, bus, train, or even by air.

The side latch system makes it easy to assemble the cat carrier. A handy safety lock keeps the door in place.

Available in two sizes - select a carrier based on your cat’s adult size. Ensure that there is enough room in the carrier for your cat to stand fully erect. The Small Catit Carrier is intended for cats with a maximum height of 24 cm (9.5 in); the Medium Catit Carrier for cats with a maximum height of 27 cm (10.5 in).

Availabnle in two sizes (L x W x H)...
Small: 48.3 x 32.6 x 28cm (19" x 12.8" x 11")
Medium: 56.5 x 37.6 x 30.8cm (22" x 14.8" x 12")

Easy to assemble thanks to side latch system
Meets airline regulations (if used with permanent screws/tie wraps)
Skid-resistant bottom with collection gutter for urine or spilled cat food
Optimal air flow and ventilation keeps your cat comfortable while travelling
Features a top petting door, as well as a convenient food and water dish
Available in Blue-Grey, Turquoise and Cherry Red


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