Catit Play Circuit Ball Toy with Catnip Massager

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Catit Play Circuit Ball Toy with Catnip Massager

The Catit Play Circuit Ball Toy with Catnip Massager features a multi massaging board with combs. Cats enjoy keeping clean and grooming themselves, to help them along the massager includes combs to remove and collect any loose or shedding hair. The built-in gum stimulator encourages your cat to gently gnaw on the textured nub, in turn cleaning their gums and teeth. Good dental hygiene helps prevent illness and bad breath so this toy does two jobs in one.

The spinning bee will provide your kitty with hours of fun, attached to the circuit on a bendable spring your cat can paw and swat the bee back and forth. Add some of the included Catnip to stimulate your cat’s playtime even more as it provides your cat with maximum fun.

The Catit Play’s new 3-in-1 circuits also include an exciting circuit ball toy for even more feline fun.

Dimensions: 38 × 36 × 7.5 cm

Three toys incorporated in one
Multi massager with combs
Exciting circuit ball toy
Crazy bouncy bee
Includes catnip
Small toy providing maximum enjoyment but takes up minimal room


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