Catit Pixi Treat Dispenser Mouse

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Catit Pixi Treat Dispenser Mouse

PIXI treat dispenser cat toy from Catit, available in a rooster or mouse design.

Wobbling cutie with yummy treats - reignite your cat’s play drive with the Catit PIXI Treat Dispenser – a greatly entertaining wobbling toy with inner treat compartment. The toy will randomly drop food or treats you’ve inserted to reward your cat’s playful behaviour.

Self-righting toy - the toy’s built-in weight acts as a self-righting mechanism, so the interactive fun can keep going on.

Fun & Rewarding
Insert treats - twist off the top to insert cat treats or dry food of up to 9mm (0.4 inch) in diameter.
Adjustable difficulty - move the slider to make it more (or less) challenging for your cat to get treats out.
Treat scent openings - the openings allow your cat to smell the delicious treats inside of the toy, stimulating them to play.

Size - 8 x 10.8cm (W x H)

  • Cute design resembling a rooster / mouse
  • Rewards your cat for playful behaviour
  • Compatible with cat treats or dry food of up to 9mm in diameter
  • With slider to adjust difficulty
  • Treat scent openings


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