Catit Nuna Treats Insect Protein & Chicken 60g

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Catit Nuna Cat Treats Insect Based Recipes Chicken 60g

Catit Nuna premium cat treats are the perfect alternative to unsustainable meat-based treats. Easily digestible and extremely palatable, these revolutionary treats are loved by cats and offers an opportunity for cat lovers to make a difference. Catit's recipes contain nutritious and clean insect larvae that are rich in healthy protein and set a new standard in premium cat treats. The Insect Protein Medley treats offers a special mix of insect protein; our classic Hermetia Illucens and mealworm - both highly nutritious and among the world's most used insect proteins!

The Nuna Treat recipes contain a true superfood as the clean insect larvae is bursting with protein, vitamins, and minerals such as omega 6, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. The insects are sustainably farmed before being dried and ground into a fine and nutritious flour that forms the basis of the treats.

  • Delicious and highly nutritious
  • Based on clean, high-quality insect protein
  • Up to 97% sustainable protein
  • Easy to digest & gluten-free
  • More environmentally-friendly to produce
  • Carefully balanced and optimised for easy digestion and health support
  • Contains only pure, high-quality ingredients
  • Extruded with less thermal energy, which protects the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants inside
  • Packaging made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) which can be recycled into other products

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein: 28.0%, Crude Fibre: 6.5%, Crude Fat: 8.0%, Crude Ash: 5.0%, Moisture: 6.0%
Composition: Dehydrated insects (black soldier fly larvae, 13%), hydrolysed yeast protein powder (13%), millet, buckwheat, lentil, peas, hydrolysed animal protein (8.75%), cane molasses, dehydrated chicken (4%), sunflower oil.
Additives: Natural antioxidant (E306)


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