Catit Nibbly Jerky / Wraps / Grills Treats Pack of 6

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Catit Nibbly Jerky Wraps Grill Treats Pack of 6

Catit Nibbly Cat Treats are the purrfect nibbles that cats will love!

Discover the delicious range of Nibbly varieties and textures, from delightful Wraps to tender Jerky and flaky Grills, there are six enticing chicken and fish based flavours for cats to get excited about including Scallop, Lobster and tempting whole fish wrapped in real chicken breast. The Catit Nibbly Treats are packed with high-quality meat, rich in amino acids and fortified with taurine.

Catit Nibbly are healthy, low calorie treats which are suitable for all cats, including those that are overweight. The thin strips of the Grill and Jerky varieties have a natural texture, so they are easy to chew and swallow which makes them ideal for older cats. The wraps give you the opportunity to form a bond with your cat as you can serve them from your hand or cut into pieces and serve on their favourite dish. No feline needs to miss out on treat time!

MIxed Variety Pack of 6 includes...
Chicken & Lobster Grills Treats 30g
Chicken & Prawns Grills Treats 30g
Chicken & Scallop Grills Treats 30g
Chicken & Fish Ocean Wraps Treats 30g
Chicken & Fish Jerky Treats 30g
Chicken Jerky Treats 30g

Utterly delicious meaty nibbles
Grain free
Naturally flavoured
No derivatives
85-92% Meat content
Low calorie treats


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