Catit Motion-activated Dancing Groovy Fish with Catnip 2 Colours

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Catit Motion-activated Dancing Groovy Fish with Catnip 2 Colours

The Groovy Fish has a high-quality soft cover made of cat-friendly materials. Its cute graphic pattern was printed using eco-friendly technology and is available in 2 funky colours. With 3 realistic movement modes and soft padded cover, the Catit Groovy Fish is sure to trigger your cat’s hunting instinct and keep them entertained for hours.

Thanks to its highly sensitive motion sensor, the Catit Groovy Fish will spring to life when pushed by your cat’s paw. The toy will automatically enter standby mode when playtime is over. The toy’s motor is protected by a highly durable casing that helps absorb impacts and extends the toy’s lifetime.

To recharge, open the padded cover and insert the supplied USB cable. The toy’s large battery capacity allows for 250 movement cycles per single charge!

The aroma of our exclusive catnip and silvervine mixture is simply irresistible to cats. The Groovy Fish comes with 2 catnip bags (one pre-inserted), so you have a replacement ready once the scent has worn off.

Available in 2 colours - Blue or Pink

Battery - Capacity: 500mAh
charging voltage: 5V
Dimensions: 27 x 4.5 x 14.5 cm / 10.6" x 1.7" x 5.7"

Cute and cuddly fish toy to entertain your cat
High-quality fabric cover with refillable catnip pocket
Removable fabric cover (hand-wash at 30°C / 86°F)
Rechargeable battery (250 cycles per charge)
Includes USB cable and 2 catnip bags


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