Catit Flower Fountain & Bowls Placemats Green

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Catit Flower Fountain & Bowls Placemats Green

Catit products are designed to delight, stimulate and improve cats' lives and wellbeing. From fun toys to stylish furniture, you're bound to find items you and your cat will adore!

The Catit Flower Placemat is the ideal size for Catit drinking water fountains and feeding dishes (not included).

The good grade silicone is anti-slip and easy to clean.

The hanging loop on the mat makes it easy to dry or put away.

Dimensions: 34.5 x 4.5 x 4.5cm (approx.)

Protects floors and countertops from food and water spills
Ideal for use with Catit drinking fountains and feeding dishes (not included)
Features hanging loop for easy drying or storage
Easy to clean


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