Catit Dual-Layer Litter Mats 2 Sizes

Size?: Large
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Catit Dual-Layer Litter Mats 2 Sizes

The Catit litter mat will keep your floor free of cat litter. The holes catch the larger granules while the mesh captures smaller granules and dust. The mat is soft to the touch and very comfortable for your cat to step on and its non-slip surface keeps it neatly in place.

The Litter Mat is also easy to vacuum, rinse down and clean. To clean, shake the litter mat outdoors to remove litter, then vacuum. Wash the mat with mild detergent in warm water and allow to dry before use.

2 Sizes available...
Small - 40 x 60cm
Large - 60 x 90cm

Textured to help capture litter and prevent tracking
Dual-layer soft, non-slip surface
Easy to clean


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