Breaking Bad Habits In Dogs (Revised edition)

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Breaking Bad Habits In Dogs (Revised edition)

First published in 2002, this book has been a true best seller. It was been translated into many languages and proved incredibly popular with dog lovers across the globe who appreciate its blend of good advice, sensible attitude to solving canine problems and innovative graphic style. It is now republished in a revised and updated edition that has been overseen by its author, the internationally respected authority Colin Tennant, who is the Principal of the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behavior & Training. The text has bee updated where necessary while the entire book has been redesigned in a new graphic style and approximately 50 new photographs have been added. This modern look gives a bright new identity to a trusted reference work that remains unrivalled for the range and effectiveness of its methods.

Product Code: 20271
ISBN: 9781842862285
Author: Colin Tennant
Pages: 208
Cover Type: Paperback
Size: 25cm x 21.4cm x 2cm


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