Benebone Zaggler Chew Nylon Dog Toys Bacon Flavour 3 Sizes

Size?: Small
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Benebone Zaggler Chew Nylon Dog Toys Bacon Flavour 3 Sizes

In life, the chase can be half the fun.
The Zaggler likes to roll around and play chase. It’s constantly on the move!

Benebones are made with USA-sourced nylon and flavoured with USA-sourced ingredients - real peanuts, chicken, pork, fish, beef or maple wood. That's it! We like to keep it simple.

Benebones are extremely durable chews that are designed to last and retain flavour longer than most chew toys.

Dogs love real flavour, push durability to the limit, and don’t have thumbs - Benebones are only made for dogs without thumbs!

Suitable for dogs...
Small (5.5" x 2") - under 14kg
Medium (6.8" x 2.5") - under 27kg
Large (7.5" x 2.8") - under 40kg

  • Extreme tough nylon dog toys
  • Flavours infused directly into the nylon
  • Made for dogs without thumbs!
  • Made in New York USA


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