Beaphar Urinary Tract Support Easy Treat 35g

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Beaphar Urinary Tract Support Easy Treat 35g

Beaphar Urinary Tract Support Easy Treats are delicious, easy-to-administer treats filled with a specially formulated paste for cats prone to urinary tract infections or cystitis. The treats contain cranberry powder to support bladder health, and D-mannose and glucosamine hydrochloride which contribute to the protection of the bladder wall.

In addition, Beaphar Urinary Tract Support Easy Treats have low levels of Vitamin D and calcium to help prevent the formation of bladder stones, and contain added Vitamin E and Omega 3 to support a healthy immune system.

The treats are small and cushion-shaped with a crunchy exterior. Our delicious recipe makes this the easiest way to administer nutritional support for your cat’s urinary tract and promote good bladder health. Great to give as a reward each day or as a tasty daily treat.

Suitable for all breeds of cat.


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