Beaphar CatComfort Cat Calming Diffuser 30 day refill

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Beaphar CatComfort Cat Calming Diffuser 30 day refill

Using pheromones recognised by your cat, the Beaphar CatComfort calming diffuser is a simple way of helping your cat feel at ease and reducing common behavioural problems around the home, such as inappropriate vertical scratching or spraying.

For continuous reassurance, use the Beaphar CatComfort 30 day refill. Each refill is effective for up to 30 days, making Beaphar CatComfort a simple way to provide a long-term solution to reducing your cat’s general feelings of anxiety and preventing problem behaviour.

Promotes feelings of reassurance and helps reduce unwanted behaviour
Particularly useful for cats suffering from anxiety, stress and changes in their environment
Suitable for everyday stresses and events such as fireworks
By using Beaphar CatComfort you can help your cat feel at ease anywhere


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