Avi One Pumice Perch for Birds 5 Sizes

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Avi One Pumice Perch for Birds 5 Sizes

Avi One's perches aid in keeping the feet of captive birds healthy and comfortable. In the wild, birds perch on many different surfaces every day. By providing them with many different perch surfaces, textures, sizes and shapes will help to reduce the occurence of poor foot conditions.

Attach the perch to the cage in a low to mid position. Try not the place any perches underneath each other as they are likely to catch droppings.

These vary in size from 5" up to 12" meaning they will cater for all your avarian needs.

Each perch has a metal bolt on the end, so it can securly fit any cage.

Pumice perches give your bird a place to sit and rest, as well keep both their claws and beak in tip top condition.

Keeps claws and beaks in tip top condition
Metal bolt end designed to fit any cage
Five sizes to suit any bird
Gives your bird a place to sit and rest

Perch Sizes

 Colour  Size  Length  Diameter
 Pink  X-Small  5"/13cm  25mm
 Yellow  Small  6"/15cm  29mm
 Red  Medium  8"/20cm  34mm
 Green  Large  10"/25cm  50mm
 Purple  X-Large  12"/30cm  50mm


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