Arm & Hammer Fresh Spectrum Puppy 360° Clean Dental Kit

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Arm & Hammer Fresh Spectrum Puppy 360° Clean Dental Kit

A unique and advanced dental care kit containing everything you need to keep your puppy's oral health and hygiene in tip top condition, powered by natural baking soda and coconut oil toothpaste with an extra gentle formula perfect for cleaning your puppy's teeth. Featuring their new and innovative revolutionary time-saving 360° toothbrush which features cleverly designed bristles that target teeth from all angles, it drastically reduces cleaning time required as the brush cleans multiple surfaces at once! Ensuring long lasting and effective cleaning, the specially shaped bristles are perfect for hard to reach places, with a handy premium small silicone finger brush also included to deliver an extra gentle brush along the teeth and gum line, made from a soft, flexible material that acts as a massager for your puppy.

Kit includes:
Coconut oil toothpaste
360° toothbrush
Silicon finger brush

Coconut oil toothpaste
360° toothbrush with silicon bristles help clean along the gum line with ease
Silicon finger brush made from soft, flexible material that acts as a massager
Simple to use and very effective
Perfect starter kit

Directions for use:
For first time users start by applying a small amount of toothpaste to your finger and allowing your puppy to lick.
Slowly progress to rubbing your finger gently on the gum line.
When your puppy is comfortable, add a pea sized amount of toothpaste to both sides of the brush, and gently brush the teeth with a back and forth motion.


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