Arm & Hammer Fresh Spectrum 360° Adult Dog Toothbrush

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Arm & Hammer Fresh Spectrum 360 Degree Adult Dog Toothbrush

A unique, advanced design carefully developed to provide convenient and functional oral care for your dog. The Arm & Hammer 360° Adult Dog Toothbrush is the most reliable and effective way to clean your dog's teeth, developed with a 360° brush and ergonomic design the smaller bristles reaching molars, incisors & other small teeth, and the larger bristles reaching the Canines & other larger teeth.

This toothbrush features bristles that drastically reduce cleaning time required, as the brush cleans multiple surfaces at once! A unique design with a specially shaped head, it allows for the effortless cleaning of different sizes and shapes of teeth, enabling an efficient, effective, full mouth tooth clean. This is thanks to the different sized sections of the 360° bristles, with smaller bristles for molars, incisors and other small teeth, and larger wider spaced bristles for canines and other large teeth! It also features an ergonomically shaped, rubber-gripped handle, that makes the toothbrush easier to hold and use.

Ergonomic design
360° Degree bristles which ensures all angles are reached
Multiple brush sizes in one brush
Quick & Easy to use
Veterinarian Approved

Directions for use:
For first time users start by applying a small amount of toothpaste to your finger, and allowing your dog to lick. Slowly progress to rubbing your finger gently on the gum line. When your dog is comfortable, add a pea sized amount of toothpaste to both sides of the brush, and gently brush the teeth with a back and forth motion.


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