4Cats Premium Soft Corduroy Cat Wrestler with Catnip

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4Cats Premium Soft Corduroy Cat Wrestler with Catnip

Great fun for great hunters. ‘House tigers’ large and small alike will have fun with the big wrestling roll from our premium range in an attractive gift and storage container. Of course the excellently dimensioned roll is also wonderful for snuggling up to. It is also suitable for big cats like Maine Coons or Norwegians. Your furry friend will certainly play with this fragrant play roll with great enthusiasm over and over again.

Each Premium Cat Wrestler uses strong tactile material and feature extra sturdy strings with tassels to provide your house tiger with extra fun and a natural outlet for their hunting instincts. For extra safety the strings are stitched in forming a loop inside the fabric, this ensures that they won’t come lose even if a stronger cat pulls on them.

Colour chosen at random. If a specific colour is required please contact us before placing your order.

Handmade in Germany
Organic 4Cats Catnip
Sturdy Corduroy fabric
Dimensions: 28 x 7 x 7cm


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