4Cats Classic Soft Cat Wrestler with Catnip

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4Cats Classic Soft Cat Wrestler with Catnip

Colossal game fun for colossal hunters. With the large role from our classic edition in an appealing, colorful design big and small domestic tigers have fun and will certainly happily work on the role with all fours. Ours provides that special kick Filling optionally with valerian or ours own catnip mix 4catsnip.

Of course, the generously dimensioned role can also be used to cuddle wonderfully. Also suitable for large cat breeds such as Maine Coon or Norwegians.

Through the two-layer processing out sturdy fabric and additional inlet this role from the "Basic Edition" is the perfect choice for cats who like to manipulate their toys powerfully with teeth and claws. The robust play role is with EPS beads (Styrofoam, certified for harmful substances) and pure valerian root or our 4catsnip recipe filled and 28 cm x 8 cm big. You get the Motifs and colors depending on availability.

This cuddly toy from 4cats will come with you Oeko-Tex-100 standard manufactured fabric completely made in Germany and packed. Your velvet paw will definitely work this fragrant role with passion over and over again.

Design chosen at random.

Handmade in Germany
Organic 4Cats Catnip
Sturdy dual layer fabric
Dimensions: 28 x 8cm


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