Tonka REAL TOUGH Dog Toys Mega Tread Treat Holder 2 Sizes

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Tonka REAL TOUGH Dog Toys Seismic Tread Tire 2 Sizes

If you’re familiar with Tonka toys for children, you know Tonka make top quality toys. Tonka is the only line of realistic toy vehicles focused on construction, rescue, and urban themes with a 70-year history of quality, innovation and ruggedness. But did you know Tonka have now created a range of dog toys? Designed to be tough for chewing and whilst encouraging them to exercise through play.

Make play time fun and tasty with the Tonka Mega Tread Treat Holder. The specially designed robust chew toy is made from real tyre rubber and can be filled with yummy treats for hours of enjoyment and play for your dog.

Available in 2 sizes...
Small - 2.5"
Large - 4"

Dog toys made with real tyre rubber
Great for aggressive chewers
Hours of interactive fun

The Tonka Dog Toy range has been designed to withstand vigorous play but is not indestructible. It is advised that the dog toy is examined regularly for wear and tear and replaced when required.


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