Nerf Dog Translucent TPR Sonic Balls 2.5" Pack of 2

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Nerf Dog Mega Strength Tennis Balls Reloads 2.5" Pack of 2

Nerf Dog Tennis and TPR Sonic Ball will entertain your dog for hours on end! The durable rubber body stands up to extended chewing and the raised grooves make it easier to grip for both of you. Great for toss and fetch or solo play sessions.

Please Note
All Nerf balls have been designed to withstand vigorous play but are not indestructible. It is advised that you examine the items for wear and tear and replace item when needed.

Reloads for the Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster
Size approximately 6cm (2.5")
Pack of 2 tennis / TPR sonic balls
Can also be used with most ball throwers


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