Nerf Dog Soft Plush Toy Trackshot X Ring Ball Tuff Tug

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Nerf Dog Soft Plush Toy Trackshot X Ring Ball Tuff Tug

The Nerf Dog Trackshot X-Ring Ball is stuffed to the max to make one solid toy that will entertain your pet for hours on end. Sturdy woven nylon with tear-resistant PU rubber coating. Great for toss and fetch, or solo play sessions.

Size 16cm / 6.5" approximate diameter

Please Note
All Nerf toys have been designed to withstand vigorous play but are not indestructible. It is advised that you examine the items for wear and tear and replace item when needed.

Extremely strong soft plush dog toy
Stitching 3x stronger than standard plush
Nylon infused with thermoplastic rubber material
Great for games of fetch and tug


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