Mr Johnson’s Advance Hamster & Gerbil Food 750g

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Mr Johnson’s Advance Hamster & Gerbil Food 750g

Mr Johnson’s Advance HAMSTER & GERBIL FOOD is a complementary food suitable for all breeds of hamsters and gerbils. This nutritious & wholesome tasty nugget – supplies your hamsters and gerbils with a mono-component food that prevents selective feeding.

Feeding the correct diet to your pet is essential for maintaining good health.Hamster & Gerbils are omnivores meaning their diet should consist of cereals,vegetables and animal protein.

Advance hamster & gerbil food should be fed with a daily portion of suitable fresh vegetables & a small piece of lean cooked meat like chicken twice a week. As a treat the occasional small portion of fresh fruit, a few dried mealworms or a little hard-boiled egg is ideal.

Tasty nugget prevents selective feeding
Protein for cell, organ & tissue function
Vitamins & minerals to boost the immune system
Essential oils for healthy skin & coat
No added colours, flavourings or preservatives
Verm X for intestinal health
Pre-biotic aid digestion


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