Meowee! Cat Litter Tray Liners 60 x 28cm 6Pk

Pack Size?: Single (1)
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Meowee! Cat Litter Tray Liners 60 x 28cm 6Pk

For easy and hygienic disposal of used cat litter. Fits most standard size litter trays.

Size: 60 x 28cm approx. (fits standard size trays)

Available in the following bulk sizes...
Single (1 pack) - 6 liners
Pack of three (3 packs) - 18 liners
Pack of six (6 packs) - 36 liners
Pack of twelve (12 packs) - 72 liners
Pack of twenty four (24 packs) - 144 liners

How to Use...
Place a clean litter tray liner in the bottom of a clean litter tray.
Add fresh cat litter. To dispose of soiled cat litter, gather the four corners of the litter tray liner and tie them together.
Refer to the cat litter packaging for guidance on the disposal of used cat litter.
Be sure to clean the litter tray and surrounding area at least once a week.


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