EasyPets Roll-a-Bowl Dog Bowls & Mat Grey


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EasyPets Roll-a-Bowl Dog Bowls & Mat Grey

Feed your beloved dogs and cats with the EasyPets food mat. This practical, stylish non-slip feeding station helps protect against mess. A complete double food and water bowl with mat in one piece.

The unique patented fold down design rolls up in seconds to the size and shape of a newspaper! It simply clasps together to make a compact portable pet bowl and mat for wherever you want to go with your dog (or cat). It includes a handy water-resistant carry case that can be carried, tied to a rucksack, placed into a bag and fits in any car glove box.

If you camp or are regularly out and about with your pooch then the Roll-and-go will be your saviour. It is the new 'must have' doggy accessory. Easy to pack and super quick to roll out and use. The EasyPets mat rolls away in seconds and conveniently pops back into its carry case. This means wherever you go you have a suitable, clean, handy double bowl set up for water and feeding.

Only 100% high grade, FDA approved silicone is used in our products. They are BPA and Phthalate free. Out mats provide a hygienic, safe eating area for your much loved pets. Silicone is bacteria and mold resistant, it's also durable, strong and very easy to clean. Simply wipe, wash or rinse, it's also dishwasher safe.

Usage guide
For feeding dry or wet foods this double dog bowl mat is perfect for feeding small, medium or large dogs comfortably up to Labrador size (approx. 80lb/40kg).
Each bowl holds 1 large beaker of dry food or 1 slab of raw feed (equivalent to Labrador size food portion). Also suitable as a cat food mat.
Used as a pet water drinking vessel it's perfect for dogs and cats of all sizes including extra large dog breeds. Each bowl holds 1 pint / 600ml of water. Plenty for even the thirstiest of dogs.

Ideal for camping, outdoor activities and long walks
Easy Storage - simply hang up after use or roll up and store
Simply wipe, wash or rinse, it's also dishwasher safe
Bowls hold 1 pint / 600ml of water. Plenty for even the thirstiest of dogs


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