Doodlebone Dog Muzzle Airmesh Soft Beathable Green 6 Sizes

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Doodlebone Dog Muzzle Airmesh Soft Beathable Green 6 Sizes

Our soft, breathable dog muzzle is a good, safe solution for nervous dogs. It's made from airmesh, a clever fabric that breathes, holds its shape for life and is remarkably easy to keep clean.

High quality airmesh is really comfy for your dog's delicate nose and face. At the same time you benefit from good control and your pet stays safe. This colourful, soft dog muzzle fits dogs that weigh as much as 25kg and six sizes means there's one to fit every dog, from tiny to huge. As you'd expect from yet another top quality Doodlebone® product, it comes with our famous lifetime guarantee.

Why would you want to get a muzzle for your dog?
There are many reasons. Your pet might be nervous around strange people or dogs they don't know. They might be in a situation where there's a risk they might get scared or angry and bite, for example when they've been injured or feel poorly. Or they might feel stressed by circumstances, maybe not keen on being groomed.

Three bold bright colours
Red for Caution
Yellow for Nervous
Green for Friendly - just a bit of a nutter sometimes!!

Super strong but comfortable
Made with breathable airmesh and nylon hemming
Suitable for dogs up to 25kg
Three bright bold colours -  machine washable
Six sizes to fit any dog: XS, S, M, L, XL,XXL

Size Guide

All measurements are circumference.
 Size  Nose  Head 
 X-Small  8cm  42cm  49cm
 Small  10cm  52.5cm  59cm
 Medium  13cm  62cm  69cm
 Large  18cm  72.5cm  84.5cm
 X-Large  20cm  80.5cm  93cm
 XX-Large  23cm  85cm  98cm


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