Danish Design Deluxe Slumber Bed Bobble Soft Damson 5 Sizes


Size?: X-Small
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Danish Design Deluxe Slumber Bed Bobble Soft Damson 5 Sizes

Add a touch of style to your home with a Danish Design Dog Bed. Our sumptuous and stylish cable knit range is perfect for those snug evenings. Available in two cosy designs; Soft Pewter and Snug Damson, both in Sherpa fleece and faux suede fabrics.

Circular shaped and deep filled for extra comfort the deep Polyester fibre offers superb warmth and comfort. The Slumber Bed also includes a matching fibre filled removable mattress.

Fully machine washable and available in 5 sizes.

Sherpa fleece & faux suede Deluxe Slumber Bed
Circular shaped, deep filled for extra comfort
Includes matching fibre filled removable mattress
Fully machine washable
Available in 5 sizes

Size Guide

 Size  Length
 X-Small  45cm / 18"
 Small  61cm / 24"
 Medium  76cm / 30"
 Large  89cm / 35"
 X-Large  101cm / 40"


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