Cosmic Catnip 100% Catnip Filled Cat Toy Mouse

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Cosmic Catnip 100% Catnip Filled Cat Toy Mouse

Cosmic Catnip 100% Mouse is guaranteed to provide great times for your feline friend. Filled with Cosmic Catnip – one of the most aromatic and strongest catnips ever created, this little mouse will drive your furry feline wild! You are bound to even see the laziest of cats going nuts when this Cosmic Mouse is around. Whilst stimulating playful behaviour, the Cosmic Catnip 100% Mouse also encourages healthy exercise for your cat.

Size: 4cm long (and has a 3.5" tail)

About Cosmic Catnip products...
Providing tons of fun for all catnip-loving cats and kittens Cosmic Catnip provides a tempting, satisfying and highly potent range of enticing toys and catnip products, perfect for encouraging instinctual play and healthy activity every day.

Designed to stimulate and enrich with every game played Cosmic Catnip provides a range of essential catnip products for all cats and kittens, made with 100% natural herb for a strong, pure, aromatic catnip grown in North America.  Packed full of 100% cosmic catnip for tons of batting and swatting fun each product in the range slowly releases a tempting scent of catnip that ignites your cat’s instinctual and playful nature, encouraging cats to become more active and playful.

Filled with organic catnip
Made with the most potent catnip buds available
Organic catnip-means free of chemicals or pesticides
Made in USA


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