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ComfyCat Ultimate WI-FI Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

ComfyCats's most advanced model with the latest technology. Your scooping days are over. Comfycat Ultimate is a fully automatic, self-cleaning premium litter box for cats. It is safe & quiet and has great odour control.

After your cat is done doing its business, the ComfyCat Ultimate automatically goes to work. Its rotating system deep cleans the litter bed and separates waste from the clean litter and deposits waste into a 13L waste drawer. Just remove the content to your garbage every 10 days!

The UV sterilization cycle kills and disinfects 99.9% of all common bacteria, fungi and viruses responsible for bad smells and cat illnesses. The Ultraviolet sterilization process safely stops when movements are detected. Once the UV cycle is done, the device is on standby mode again.

That's it! Kitty enjoys a 100% clean and 99.9% disinfected Cat Litter Bed. Your Scooping days are over!

Remotely control all features and set parameters via Wi Fi and App. ComfyCat Ultimate tracks your cat’s visits & logs cat waste data and thanks to multi-Cat recognition, all your cats are identified and recorded individually! ComfyCat Ultimate will keep the record of your cat’s toilet habits. You can check via the App all your cats’ 24 hour/ 7 days / 12months health management reports anytime, while traveling, working or on the way home.

Save Hundreds of pounds over time - the ComfyCat Ultimate’s sifting system only removes the clumps and preserves the clean litter. This efficient system will reduce your litter usage by over 40% annually. Cats adopt ComfyCat very quickly (Cool, another Box!)

  • WI-FI app control over all features & parameters
  • Active carbon sheets suppress odours
  • Quieter than other rotating devices (less than 40db)
  • UV Sterilization kills 99.9% of all common bacteria
  • Proximity sensors that detect cats of all sizes (including kittens)
  • Generous Interior Dimensions in a Compact, Modern Design
  • ComfyCat Ultimate is fully Automatic and Self-Cleaning
  • Works with all cats & kittens up to 22lb (10kg)
  • Works with all small particle clumping litters


Dimensions: 23.6L x 22.8W x 28.0H inches (60L x 58W x 71H cm)
Floor area used: only 3.6 sqft (0.33m2)
Vertical Headroom from the Litter bed: 20 inches (50cm): great for cats up to 22 pounds (10 kilograms)
Unit weight: 33 pounds (15 kg)
Cat litter capacity: 13.2 pounds (6 kg)
Voltage: 110-240V, 5V
Motor power: 12W
Safely tracks kittens and all cats (proximity sensors)
Volume of waste drawer (bin capacity): 13L (no need to change the waste box for 10 days for 1 cat)
Accommodates multiple cats weighting up to 22 pounds (10 kilograms)


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