Cat Mate Lockable Cat Flap & Door Liner White

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Cat Mate Lockable Cat Flap & Door Liner White

If your feline friend often likes to venture into the great outdoors, why not make it easy for them to come and go as they please, with the Lockable Cat Flap – White? Whether it’s to do their business, spy on next door’s moggy, or lounge in the sun, let them go about their daily cat tasks with no fuss.

There’s even a handy locking mechanism, so if you do need to keep your cats in, or need to round them up, this locking cat door from Cat Mate will save you some time! It will also keep out potential food thieves at night – win, win!

  • 2-way lock
  • Easy to use, tamper-proof
  • Silent action
  • Made from super-tough polymer
  • Draught- and weather-proof fully brush sealed flap with magnetic closure
  • Rain-proof seal

Self-lining to 13mm (1/2”) thick
Installation: screen door/thin panel, UPVC/metal door, wooden door
Cut-out size: width 165mm (6 1/2”), height 174mm (6 7/8”), flap opening size: 145mm width 145mm height
Overall size: width 192mm (7 5/8”), height 200mm (7 7/8”)


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