Ancol Premo XL Crushed Velvet Cat Scratch Post

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Ancol Premo XL Crushed Velvet Cat Scratch Post

The Ancol Acticat Premo XL is 70cm of scratching heaven. Scratching is a healthy and stress-relieving behaviour that allows cats to scent, maintain their claws and stretch out their back and shoulder muscles. The 70cm height of the Ancol Premo XL means even the largest of cats can get a full stretch while scratching, and the hardwearing sisal rope encourages this natural behaviour in a safe and specific spot.

This scratch post has a cosy plush base, ideal for an after-scratch lounge. Every Ancol Acticat Premo XL has a dangling toy for added amusement and is infused with catnip, the herb cats love.

Size 44cm x 44cm x 70cm

Helps avoid furniture scratching
Cats have a natural urge to scratch
Cats need to scratch to keep their claws sharp
Essential for any healthy, well-adjusted cat


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