All for Paws Catoon Cat Toys Fishbones Silvervine & Catnip

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All for Paws Catoon Cat Toys Fishbones Silvervine & Catnip

Catoon follows a refreshingly simple mission: they want to make people and pets happy!

The Catoon line of innovative, unique, and downright cute toys are designed to inspire joy in pets and pet owners alike, using the creativity of design.

Fishbones toys include one fish with silvervine and one toy with catnip.

Catnip and silvervine are both plants that are safe for cats and humans. Exposure to either of these plants can make your cat quite happy and excited.

Innovative, unique and downright cute toys
Creative 'Catoon' designs!
Catnip and/or silvervine stuffed toys
Making people & pets happy!


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